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Cue Sheet

Where an Enhanced License is purchased for productions that are to be publically broadcast, such as TV, Radio, Advertising, Film and/or Theatrical use, you are legally required to report the music use in your production to the relevant Performance Rights Organisations (PRO’s), such as PRS (UK), ASCAP (USA), BMI (USA) etc.

There is no additional cost for you as the producer and it only takes a few minutes. You just complete a music cue sheet and then file it with the appropriate PRO, or alternatively, you supply the completed cue sheet to the relevant broadcast networks and/or stations and ensure that they file it.

Filing a music cue sheet for your production with PRO’s is important. Aside from being a legal requirement, it ensures that our composers receive their fair share of performance royalties from the broadcasters when your production is aired.

To make things easy for you, we can file the performance details with the correct PRO’s on your behalf. All you need to do is accurately complete the music cue sheet form below and hit the ‘Send Details’ button. We’ll do the rest.

For more information about cue sheets, please take a look at our FAQ page. If you require any further assistance please email

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Performance Details

Broadcaster - list of all Station(s), Network(s), Cinema(s) and/or Theatre(s):

Music Details

Please detail each piece of Audio Beast (only) music used in your production below. All the individual track information required can be found in the relevant track's expanded view on our website:

Track Title:
How Used: (Main Titles, Backgrounds)
PRO(s): (e.g. PRS, ASCAP)
Publisher: (Audio Beast)
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